Last Sunday me and my friends Julieta, Eugenia and Amparo had a beautiful  surprise. Our parents took us on an excursion!!! We went to the fountain of the Palancia river because Andrés, Sofia’s father, had recommended it to our parents.

The Palencia  river starts  in El toro mountains in a narrow canyon called «Estrecho del collao del  cascajar». It was  beautiful, it was so narrow that you could touch both sides with your hands at the same time.

My sister Maria found a maxilar bone from a dead animal. She wanted to take ir and show it to her classmates, but my mother didn’t let her in case it was contaminated with microbes.

The river had millions of beautiful stones, some of them were shiny, others were red, grey, black, yellow… And I even found a rainbow colored stone! I gave it to Julieta because she felt sad.

The Palancia river ends between Sagunto and Canet. When water drags the stones towards the sea, they are transformed into Canet’s beach sand, where Eugenia spends part of her summer.

At the end we were exhausted because we walked 20.800 steps. It was a wonderful day!

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Isabel S.