The tale of Squirrel Nutkin is from the author Beatrix Potter and the illustrator is Frederick Wanne. The collection is Wanne and it has 57 pages.

It is about a Squirel named Nutkin and it lives with his family in a wood in the edge of a lake. One autumn, Nutkin and its family went to an island in the middle of the lake with a lot of nutrias. They lived in an owl and all the squirrels gave a present to the owl so he gave those nuts of his tree but Nutkin sing a song and the owl went away so the squirrels took nuts so happy five days.

But on the sixth day, he was so angry and…

The story started with a squirrel named Nutkin that lived with his family. The story takes place in the lake. It is an adventure tale. The main character is Nutkin and what he does is to sing to the owl so the other squirrels can take nuts.

I liked it because it was interesting and the part I enjoyed the most was when squirrel Nutkin escaped from the owl. I would like to recommend this book to my friend Marina because I think she is going to like it a lot.

Alicia S.